Reginald & Ruckus: Werewolf Hunters

Something stirs in the darkness, a shadow cast under a pale moon, branches snap and break as a monstrous force tears through the underbrush towards its prey.  A woman screams, fleeing into the forest, her companion is not so quick.  Carnage, horror, the beast has struck again.  These lonely places are haunted by an ancient presence, a malevolent creature born of a terrible curse.  Two men stand between the monster and the world come to fear it.  Two men who have dedicated their lives to the hunting of such a beast.  They are on the trail now, pausing only occasionally for tea, a bit of a poem, maybe to sketch an interesting drooping toadstool.  They are drawing closer, and the outcome will forever change their lives and all those around them. An original comedy and a West Coast premiere.

For more information, contact Jayme Catalano at:

Who: The Moonrisers
When: November 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 at 7:30 pm
Where: The Phoenix Theatre on 414 Mason St. in San Francisco, CA 94102
Tickets: $25 General Admission @


Author: Gary Gonser

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